Weird Fact: 60% of the world’s tallest trees can be viewed along the 31-mile Avenue of The Giants.

A scenic highway in northern California, the Avenue of The Giants is home to many of the tallest trees in the world, including:

The Immortal Tree – This 950-year-old redwood stands 250 ft (76 m) tall, although it was once much taller. It has survived centuries of environmental changes, plus floods (look up to see the high water mark), forest fires (yet amazingly this tree never burned down), logging attempts (loggers left part of an axe where they eventually gave up trying to cut it down) and several direct lightning strikes (one of which took 45 ft [14 m] off the top). Despite this, The Immortal Tree stands tall and continues to grow to this day.

Drive-Thru Tree – The Avenue of The Giants has not one but three trees which you can drive through in your car (for a small fee of course). These are not naturally occurring but the result of 1920s tourist promoters cutting tunnels through the trees, in an attempt to create the perfect photo opportunity and attract more visitors to California.

The Eternal Tree House – This giant tree survived at least 2,500 years before being reduced to a surviving stump. Centuries ago, a fire carved out a massive 20-ft cavern inside the stump, which was used by Indians and later hunters and travelers for shelter. You can take a free tour inside and see the fascinating interior hewed out by an expert wood splitter in the early 1900s.

Avenue of The Giants

Avenue of The Giants

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