The Spinning Ballerina Optical Illusion

The Spinning Ballerina optical illusion aka the right brain vs left brain test

Weird Fact: Due to right brain vs left brain dominance, the spinning ballerina appears to spin clockwise and anti-clockwise at the same time.

At first glance you’ll see the ballerina spinning round and round, seemingly in the same constant direction. But watch her long enough (or even let your eyes drift across the screen a little) and she’ll suddenly change direction.

But this isn’t due to any change in the animation – it’s your perception.

When the ballerina spins clockwise, your right brain is dominating your perception. And when she spins anti-clockwise, it’s your left brain.

What if she only spins in one direction? The more you watch, the more she’ll flip. It will probably happen at least once while you’re reading this. If not, I find it happens quickly if you look just off to the side of her movement or gaze at her shadow.


The Hidden Tiger

Here’s another very clever optical illision. Can you spot the hidden tiger?

This illusion was created by American wildlife artist Rusty Rust, showing a huge Bengal Tiger standing in a bamboo forest. Your goal is to find the hidden tiger somewhere in this image.

It’s a tough one for most people, but it’s painfully obvious when you see it. People with a well developed visual cortex tend to see it sooner.

I’ll post the answer in weird fact #34… just so you don’t give up so easily 🙂


The Hidden Tiger

Where is the hidden tiger?