Elvis Twin

Elvis was born with an identical twin

Weird Fact: Elvis had a twin.

You may think of Elvis Presley as being unique or one-of-a-kind… but he was actually born with an identical twin brother.

Elvis and Jesse were born on January 8th 1935, in the two-room shotgun house built by his 18-year-old father in readiness for the birth. Sadly, Jesse Garon Presley was delivered stillborn some 35 minutes before Elvis. As an only child, Elvis became close to both parents and formed an unusually tight bond with his mother.

Twins are not that rare or unusual, occurring in 16 out of every 1,000 births in the US. However the idea of two kings of rock ‘n’ roll is too strange to ignore.

And twins may run in the Presley family; in 2008, his only daughter Lisa Maria Presley gave birth to non-identical twin girls, Harper and Finley, via C-section.

It’s another weird fact that Justin Timberlake also had a twin sister, Laura Katherine, who died minutes after their birth in 1981. However he rarely speaks about this.