Caterpillars Eat Constantly

Caterpillars eat constantly - day and night

Weird Fact: Caterpillars eat constantly.

Caterpillars are the cute little larval forms of butterflies or moths. And, as the famous children’s book suggests, they are hungry little buggers.

The first meal a caterpillar eats is usually its own shell.

It goes on to eat big holes in leaves, plants and flowering planets – day and night. Later, when it sheds its own skin, it eats that too.

While most caterpillars are herbivores, a number of species are known to be carnivorous, eating small insects that happen to stumble into their munching path. One particularly weird species in Hawaii actually goes on the hunt for meat – it hooks itself onto the leaf and stands tall in order to catch passing bugs.

Having chowed down for 2-3 weeks, the caterpillar builds a cocoon where it lives as a pupa for another 2 weeks. It then emerges with wings, as either a moth or a butterfly, where its diet completely changes to drinking nectar from flowers with its long straw-like tongue.